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We surveyed about 50 percentage of graduate workers over the past few months, and our concerns are real. In fact, 84 percent of survey respondents believe that OHSU should be doing more to address our issues.

Know Your Rights As Graduate Workers and Public Employees

The relationships between union organizations look something like this:

When bargaining is finished and the contract goes into effect, all members of the bargaining unit (OHSU PhD students who receive stipends) will receive the benefits listed in the contract.  Before that happens, however, there are already benefits to being represented by GRU.

Benefits of Union Recognition

You can’t be fired without Just Cause, a formalized 7-part procedure.

Bargaining Termiology and Concepts

Table Discussions – Union and Management bargaining teams sit together to discuss proposals. Only bargaining team members can speak during table discussions.

Caucuses – Union and Management bargaining teams discuss proposals privately. When you attend a bargaining session, this is when you get to be a part of the conversation. The bargaining teams will nearly always hold a caucus before making major decisions.