Some portion of the collected dues have been set aside to aid the bargaining unit (YOU!) in two ways:

The GRU Hardship Fund:

The GRU hardship fund a resource for GRs experiencing unforeseen financial difficulty. Disbursement of hardship funds bars approval by simple majority of GRU executive board members. While any GR within the bargaining unit may apply, dues-paying members have priority, as this fund comes from a portion of dues.

As we are getting more requests for medical expenses, as a reminder, if you receive medical care from OHSU, you can apply for OHSU financial assistance to cover your bill. Information can be found at Patients making under 300% of the federal poverty level are eligible for 100% financial assistance, and the current GR stipend falls within this range. The number to call for the initial screening is 503-494-8505. They can help you cover the entire cost of your bill, so please utilize this resource first before applying to this fund.

For dues-paying union members, the maximum amount they can apply for is $300. However in more extreme cases, there needs to be justification to request more than the maximum. For non-union members, the maximum amount that they can apply for is $150.

The GRU Anti-Racism Fund:
The GRU Anti-racism Fund is a resource for encouraging and supporting education of policy and/or the practice of opposing racism and promoting racial tolerance, outreach, equity, and community building within OHSU. Disbursement of funds is determined by a simple majority of GRU executive members. Funding is available to anyone in the bargaining unit, and any OHSU affiliate with priority given to bargaining unit members. Funds are distributed in $300 (max) disbursements. Applicants may seek a greater amount, but will be required to justify the amount sought.

Additionally, if one identifies as Persons Excluded because of Ethnicity or Race (PEER), then this application serves as an auxiliary to the GRU Hardship Fund.


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