Bargaining Update for 5/23

This week: 

  • GRU countered with a Labor-Management Committee/Misinformation package

  • GRU counters on benefits proposal 

  • OHSU management countered on PTO

  • Join us for the “Close the Research Gap” Rally on June 7th

Thank you all so much for coming to our in-person bargaining session on Tuesday. It is great to see so many engaged members coming out in support! We countered on a Labor-Management Committee/Misinformation package that addresses how to handle misinformation on the contract. Our proposal would give GRs a seat at the table in developing a training for faculty and administration about the contents of the new contract, and would create a mechanism for correcting pervasive misinformation circulated to GRs via joint labor-management meetings. OHSU management was “astounded by the temerity” of proposing that OHSU collaborate with our union to try and prevent misinformation coming from faculty.

GRU also countered on benefits. Our proposal continued to include a robust dependent care subsidy. It also includes a decrease in the current out of pocket maximum on health insurance and covered dependent care.

 Management countered on PTO with an offer to frontload five days (so GRs do not have to accrue those days) but did not include additional PTO or the cashout option we’ve proposed in previous sessions.

Thank you all for attending our in-person bargaining session and please remember that the best way to make gains is to show OHSU that we are an active unit working in solidarity. With that in mind, please join us for the “Close the Research Gap” Rally at noon on June 7th in front of Mac Hall. This rally is a combined effort of GRU, Research Workers United, and the new Postdocs union to encourage OHSU to cover the gap between research grants and researcher stipends/salaries,  and take the pressure off of faculty. This is an important event and we encourage you to come and show your support! 

Other important ways to help the #fightfor40 are becoming a member if you are not currently one, and continuing to come to bargaining and union events! If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to [email protected]