Bargaining Update 6/6/23

Hi everyone,
As you may know, our team has been hard at work negotiating a contract that gives us the fair wages we deserve, without compromising the stability of our jobs.
As we start closing in on the later stages of bargaining, we have an update from today at the frontlines of the #FightFor40:
  • Towards our main goal of fair compensation for all GRs, we brought OHSU a robust financial package, building on our win to increase stipend levels for School of Nursing and School of Public Health.
    • We hold firm on the necessary $40,000 salary in 2023.
    • We hold firm that OHSU should pay “the delta”, so the increase doesn’t impact stability of GR positions or lab funding.
    • To meet OHSU’s financial concerns, we’ve reduced our proposed increases in 2024 and 2025, and compromised on our proposal for a work from home equipment subsidy.
    • Despite this compromise, OHSU has not yet provided a financial counter, while stating we may be “coming to impasse”, since we are still “far apart on financials.”
  • We are nearing agreement on our proposal to provide contract training for faculty and a committee for ensuring accurate information is disseminated.
  • We’ve reached agreement on reducing the GR health plan out of pocket maximum by $1000, which is now limited to $2000, comparable to other unions at OHSU.
We work hard for OHSU, and that should be recognized. Our proposals are what we deserve, and we’ve worked hard to make them reasonable and affordable.
To support our proposal for a fair and reasonable wage, we’re holding a rally tomorrow, Wednesday June 7! We’ll meet up at 12:00 by the fountain at Mac Hall on the hill. Join us for pizza and drinks, learn more about the contract and bargaining, and show solidarity with the bargaining team in a meaningful way.
Let’s keep standing strong and making ourselves heard! It’s been fantastic seeing you come support us at bargaining. We’re optimistic about achieving a contract that reflects the hard work and contributions of GRs.
Your Bargaining Team,
John Russo, Adrian Baris, Austin Wright, and Raphael Kirchgäßner

P.S. Not yet a GRU member? Not sure? Sign up for membership here to show your solidarity with the bargaining team! Remember, only active, dues-paying members are able to vote on our final contract.