We Have A Contract!

Congrats Graduate Researchers!!!

We ratified the Tentative Agreement this week and now have a contract through 2027!

The pay increase will take effect in the second pay period after ratification, so your pre-tax paycheck on Friday 10/13 should be $3382, and subsequent paychecks should be $3132. (The larger amount on our first new-contract paycheck reflects a $250 ratification bonus.) To see other details, you can read the full Tentative Agreement.

Now it’s time to party! We’re having a Ratification Party on Thursday, September 14th at 5PM at KCRB 6111 & 6120. Please RSVP here. There will be some food and cake; please bring your own beverage of choice to toast to GRU’s success with us!


PS. While we have your attention, we also wanted to remind you that insurance wraps on September 21st. If you are used to looking for new glasses or contacts, or using other allowances in your insurance coverage, or are keeping a close eye on that out of pocket maximum, keep in mind that all of those things do not reset on January 1st as you might be used to! They reset on September 22nd! Please reach out if you have any questions about how to access information about your insurance.