Rally to Support our Bargaining Team and Close the Research Gap!

We know our members need a significant pay increase to survive in a city where the cost of living continues to skyrocket.  At the same time, we've heard from our PIs about the stagnant grant environment they face and the challenges that robust pay increases for GRs could create for them. Indeed, we've already seen what an unfunded mandate for pay increases can do. OHSU unilaterally instituted a significant raise for research staff a few weeks back without consulting faculty about how to pay for it. For many, the outcome was a much-needed pay increase, but for some it has led to reduced hours, layoffs, and resulting disruptions in research projects. 

There is a solution, which we have proposed at the bargaining table: OHSU must cover this research gap by paying the delta rather than saddling our PIs with these costs. Creating unfunded mandates of pay increases only puts OHSU’s lowest paid employees at risk of losing their jobs. OHSU’s global reputation is built upon the cutting edge research that our members and future members make possible. If OHSU wants to be a top tier research institute, they need to support their research staff. It’s time for OHSU to step up and make it possible for us to make a decent living.

 Join us in raising your voice in support of our bargaining team to tell OHSU it must value research and research workers!

This rally is cosponsored by Postdoc Workers United and Research Workers United.