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Congrats Graduate Researchers!!!

We ratified the Tentative Agreement this week and now have a contract through 2027!

Our ratification vote begins 8/28!  All dues-paying members will receive a link to vote via Election Buddy. Your ballot must be cast by 5pm on 8/31.

We have reached a Tentative Agreement! Your bargaining team and OHSU's team worked hard to come to an agreement that we believe represents a fair compromise between the team's positions.

I am in research because I want to contribute to curing diseases, in a space motivated purely by the public good. As a transgender and autistic person, I've fought hard to get here. I especially believe the field of neuroscience needs more neurodiverse researchers. One more sudden expense or health problem could force me out, because I can't pay.

On Monday, July 31st, our bargaining team will begin our first session of mediation.  This means that a mediator from the State of Oregon Employment Review Board will be be joining bargaining to help us reach a tentative agreement with OHSU.

In this update:

  • We reached a Tentative Agreement for PTO and Holidays.

  • OHSU says will rethink their position on our stipends.

  • Get involved to support bargaining!

Hello Graduate Researchers,

Thank you to those of you that joined us for our virtual bargaining session yesterday!

In this update:

  • OHSU increases their proposal by 1% in the second year

  • OHSU modestly increases dependent care insurance coverage

  • We reach an agreement on Contract Education

Hello Graduate Researchers,

Hi everyone,
As you may know, our team has been hard at work negotiating a contract that gives us the fair wages we deserve, without compromising the stability of our jobs.
As we start closing in on the later stages of bargaining, we have an update from today at the frontlines of the #FightFor40:
  • Towards our main goal of fair compensation for all GRs, we brought OHSU a robust financial package, building on our win to increase stipend levels for School of Nursing and School of Public Health.
    • We hold f

This week:

  • Join our rally June 7th at noon by the fountain in front of Mac Hall! Free pizza!

  • Management agrees to our demand to bring SoN, SPH stipends up to same level as SOM.

  • Progress on PTO and contract education/misinformation.

We know our members need a significant pay increase to survive in a city where the cost of living continues to skyrocket.  At the same time, we've heard from our PIs about the stagnant grant environment they face and the challenges that robust pay increases for GRs could create for them. Indeed, we've already seen what an unfunded mandate for pay increases can do. OHSU unilaterally instituted a significant raise for research staff a few weeks back without consulting faculty about how to pay for it.

This week: 

  • GRU countered with a Labor-Management Committee/Misinformation package

  • GRU counters on benefits proposal 

  • OHSU management countered on PTO

  • Join us for the “Close the Research Gap” Rally on June 7th