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Congrats Graduate Researchers!!!

We ratified the Tentative Agreement this week and now have a contract through 2027!

Our ratification vote begins 8/28!  All dues-paying members will receive a link to vote via Election Buddy. Your ballot must be cast by 5pm on 8/31.

We have reached a Tentative Agreement! Your bargaining team and OHSU's team worked hard to come to an agreement that we believe represents a fair compromise between the team's positions.

This week:

  • We shared stories from students to give insights of the financial challenges and fears GRs face on a daily basis

  • We countered OHSUs Article 8 (Stipends) proposal

  • We reached a TA regarding Internships in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Hello Graduate Researchers!

Thank you all so much for coming to our virtual bargaining session on Tuesday.

This week:

  • OHSU counters our wage proposal with a 4% raise in the first year, 2% in each subsequent year

  • OHSU rejects child care proposal

  • OHSU rejects insurance proposal; prefers status quo

  • OHSU agrees to Juneteenth holiday

  • OHSU agrees to language that prevents GRs from being required to take PTO if no work is available

  • GRU proposes article with option to work remotely and subsidy for remote work equipment

  • Management: “Portland is an affordable city”

On April 18th, GRU will be making our initial economics proposal, including pay increases and a variety of other compensation related topics.

We'd love for as many members as possible to observe the session!  There are two options available to observe this virtual bagaining session:

You can join us for a bargaining team Meet and Greet + Watch party at KCRB 6111. Meet the bargaining team (and have some snacks) from 10:30 am - 11:30 am and then watch the action from 12:00 pm onwards (we will bring the popcorn!) 

This week:

  • GRU proposes substantial changes to health insurance

  • GRU counters OHSU DEI proposal

  • OHSU rejectss GRU Contract Education Committee proposal

  • GRU and OHSU continue discussions on overpayments/underpayments and communications

  • Come to a bargaining team meet and greet + bargaining watch party April 18th! Join us while we propose an exciting financial package.

In this update:

  • GRU offers new proposal to reduce misinformation about our contract and require PI mentorship training.

  • GRU and OHSU reach agreement on language to protect GRs working offsite.

  • Discussions continue on overpayment/underpayment problems, timelines extended for paying back large one-time overpayments.

  • OHSU responds to GRU DEI proposals.

  • OHSU claims it is not feasible to codify remote work.

This week: 

  • GRU proposed an article protecting GRs right to remote work and funding for remote work equipment.

  • GRU continues to propose language to extend timelines for GRs to pay back overpayments; accepts OHSU change regarding academic overpayments.

On 01/05 we kicked off bargaining season with OHSU to negotiate our new GRU contract.
We want to be as transparent about the negotiations as possible, and will provide frequent updates.

The last meeting was all about agreeing on ground rules, and as of now we believe we are close to an agreement on the rules that will govern our negotiations. However, there are a couple of important questions that remain open, which we hope to settle promptly when we meet again on the 24th of January to formally begin contract negotiations.

We have received a lot of questions from students, faculty, and admin regarding internships. 

Check out our resources section or follow the link here to find out the policies about GRs taking internships.