Bargaining Has Begun!

On 01/05 we kicked off bargaining season with OHSU to negotiate our new GRU contract.
We want to be as transparent about the negotiations as possible, and will provide frequent updates.

The last meeting was all about agreeing on ground rules, and as of now we believe we are close to an agreement on the rules that will govern our negotiations. However, there are a couple of important questions that remain open, which we hope to settle promptly when we meet again on the 24th of January to formally begin contract negotiations.

Additionally, if you aren’t already a member of the union, joining now is a great way to add to our collective voice and empower our bargaining team to win the best contract we can. If you have questions about how to join, feel free to ask in the channel, or send us a DM. Use this link to join our union:

In solidarity,

Your Bargaining Team

Raphael Kirchgäßner

JD Russo

Adrian Baris

Austin Wright