Bargaining Update 3/8/23

This week: 

  • GRU proposed an article protecting GRs right to remote work and funding for remote work equipment.

  • GRU continues to propose language to extend timelines for GRs to pay back overpayments; accepts OHSU change regarding academic overpayments.

  • GRU makes recognition clause counter-proposal to maintain bargaining unit status for GRs who work at another institution but are still paid by OHSU. 

We had a productive bargaining session today. We proposed a new article that protects GRs right to work remotely at our discretion, whenever feasible. This article would also provide funding for remote work equipment such as monitors and software. We are also continuing to propose language that protects GRs in the case of large overpayments from having to pay back that money in one lump sum. Finally, we proposed changes to the administration’s recognition clause proposal that would allow GRs who work at another institution (while still receiving a stipend from OHSU) to remain members of the bargaining unit.

OHSU countered our previous proposal regarding communications with GRs. Due to FERPA constraints, GRU proposed an email address, in addition to two whitelisted email addresses, in order to improve communications with the bargaining unit. OHSU countered this by requesting GRU provide OHSU with an email 48 hours before sending it out. We do not believe this will help improve communication with the bargaining unit, as in many instances we have needed to communicate quickly about time-sensitive issues. We are continuing these discussions and hope to come to an agreement that will allow us to effectively communicate with all GRs.

We’ll be back at the table in a couple of weeks to continue discussion of these topics. We always welcome members’ feedback during this process, so if you have thoughts or questions, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email at [email protected].

If you aren’t currently a union member, remember that the best way to support the efforts of your bargaining team is to sign up for membership today!

In solidarity,

Your GRU Bargaining Team

Adrian Baris, Raphael Kirchgäßner, JD Russo, and Austin Wright