Your Benefits

When bargaining is finished and the contract goes into effect, all members of the bargaining unit (OHSU PhD students who receive stipends) will receive the benefits listed in the contract.  Before that happens, however, there are already benefits to being represented by GRU.

Benefits of Union Recognition

You can’t be fired without Just Cause, a formalized 7-part procedure.

Status Quo Order is now in effect, meaning that working conditions, wages and benefits can’t be changed by management without negotiating with the union.

You now have Weingarten Rights. This means that you can have representation from the union present at any meeting that might result in disciplinary action or termination.

You have access to the AFSCME SMART Center, a resource for getting representation and information about your rights as an employee (1-844-75UNION, [email protected]).

Protection from Unfair Labor Practices like intimidation or spying.

A way to come together and act as a community through Your Union, GRU.