Graduate Researchers Stand United!

Fellow OHSU graduate researchers,

We’re not just advancing our education, we’re conducting valuable research that prevents and cures disease, bolsters the reputation of OHSU, and provides immeasurable benefits for our community. The reality is that we are students and workers. And like all workers, we deserve recognition and respect.

To gain a stronger voice and support system at OHSU, we’re organizing our union with AFSCME Council 75.

Forming a union will give us the power to collectively bargain the conditions of our employment, allowing us to advocate everything from stipend increases to policies that address equality and diversity on our campus. Graduate students across the country and other OHSU employees already have the right to collectively bargain—now is our time.

In the coming days, we’ll ask you to stand with us and sign a petition card expressing your support. Once we have a strong majority, we’ll submit the cards to the Oregon Employee Relations Board for certification. We look forward to moving ahead with our union, so we can begin addressing issues together and building a better future at OHSU.

Our voice matters. Let's make OHSU a better place to work and learn!

Graduate Worker Organizing Committee