Mason Handford

GRU VP of Equity and Inclusion

Mason Handford is a 2nd year graduate researcher in the PMCB program and is working in Mike Riscoe’s group in the VA. His research interests are in applying chemical tool development to aid in antimalarial drug development with organic synthesis and chemical biology. In his free time Mason enjoys his morning walks with his dog, fishing, cooking, and pandemic permitting, grabbing a drink with his wife.  

Mason has been involved in outreach, equity and inclusion groups during his undergraduate work, with membership to groups like SACNAS and WISE. Once at OHSU in 2018 as a research assistant, he joined AVDS, and has been associated with the operations committee. Soon after arriving at OHSU, he was made aware of the Union and would attend town halls and the occasional CAT meeting. He is looking forward to serving the bargaining unit to the best of his abilities.