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Hello again fellow scientists!

You can expect a full update regarding today's bargaining session next week. This afternoon, I am passing along a message from your bargaining team about what happened today:

Hello Fellow Scientists,

When we last left our heroes they were in the midst of the Interest Based Bargaining (IBB) process with OHSU Management, a moderated bargaining format emphasizing personal experiences and building on shared interests. On August 29, the bargaining teams went through the story sharing phase of IBB, discussing stories about your scope and hours of work.

Hello fellow scientists!

The most recent bargaining session was the first time the Union and Management met in person since Management’s lead negotiator Dan Forbes left to go eat pumpkins on a farm upstate. Just kidding, he’s still on campus through November to assure a ‘smooth transition,’ though he is prohibited from taking part in contract negotiations.

Hello fellow scientists!

Let’s start today with an update on OHSU Local 328, Graduate Researchers United’s sibling union on the hill. After their bargaining reached an impasse last month, their members held a massive picket on campus, bringing together over 1500 union members and allies (including GRU!).

Hello fellow scientists!

By now you have probably heard some version of the story about Management bargaining team members harassing ASFCME Local 328’s blog with troll accounts. We’ll get into the story below, but first an update on GRU’s bargaining.

So What Happened on July 18?

Here’s What the Union Proposed

Union Provisions – This article provides protected time for union stewards and the executive board to perform the day-to-day operations of the union

Hello fellow scientists!

In the past eleven sessions of contract negotiations, the Union has proposed 33 articles totaling around 50 pages. But how do we write these articles?

Proposal content comes from several different sources:

Hello fellow scientists!

Thank you all for showing up to the rally last week! Between AFSCME Local 328, Graduate Researchers United, and community allies, there were over 900 people in attendance. Needless to say, I think we got OHSU’s attention.