9/26/2019 - GRU Special Edition: They Walked Back So We Walked Out

Hello again fellow scientists!

You can expect a full update regarding today's bargaining session next week. This afternoon, I am passing along a message from your bargaining team about what happened today:

Last week, management explicitly agreed that we had developed a framework for contract language that would protect your work/life balance. At the start of today’s session, the management team refused to acknowledge their prior agreement to that framework and insisted on brainstorming solutions from scratch. When it became clear this week that they were not going to honor their previous position, your bargaining team walked out.

For the past eight weeks, through a process called Interest-Based Bargaining, we anonymously shared stories about OHSU graduate researchers who have been exploited. We shared these stories to demonstrate that graduate researchers need a strong process to protect their work/life balance.

Last week, both teams worked together to arrive at a solution to this issue, which included language that would prevent your boss from forcing you to work excessively. This week, management objected to this solution because it wouldn’t allow for the exploitation of graduate researchers. “Hours of Work” is a mandatory subject of bargaining, which means both teams are legally required to come to an agreement on it. Your bargaining team could not allow contract language that explicitly prohibited limits to the amount of hours you could be forced to work.

We refuse to accept a weak contract. We refuse to let you be taken advantage of. We demand a fair contract and a fair process. We will be back at the table in two weeks, since management has cancelled the next session. See you there.
October 10th, School of Nursing Room 122, 9:00 am.
- Sam, Marc, Rich, and Danielle; Your Bargaining Team

If you would like to know more about bargaining goals and progress, you can talk to us at today's Welcome Back Barbecue, or come to the Contract Action Team meeting on Monday, September 30 at 5:00 in BRB 381.

Science and Solidarity,

- Graduate Researchers United