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Hello Fellow Scientists!

Happy research week everyone, and thanks to those of you who came by our table on Tuesday to talk about the union and participate in our poll. After hearing from graduate researchers, post-docs, faculty, and research staff, the results of our highly scientifically rigorous study are in: graduate research is work.

Hello Fellow Scientists!

Happy May Day everyone, or as many people know it, International Worker’s Day. You can learn more about its surprisingly gruesome history here.

Hello Fellow Scientists!

Your bargaining team delivered a fresh batch of proposals to Management at the bargaining session last Thursday. They’ll be coming back to the table tomorrow, April 25 from 9:00-2:00 in School of Nursing room 122. If you’d like to stop by to show your support or view some bureaucrats in pastel button-downs, reply to this email and let me know.

Hello fellow scientists!

Right now your bargaining team is doing everything humanly possible to make sure that this was the last time you’ll ever have to file taxes from a 1099 (until you start your own business of course). If you’re like me, you probably followed this handy three step procedure for filing:

          1. Enter your tax forms into TurboTax like a good law-abiding citizen

          2. Observe the results, panic, and slam your laptop shut

Hello fellow scientists!

The second session of bargaining between Graduate Researchers United and OHSU management took place on April 4th. I'll be hitting your inboxes shortly with a summary of what happened, but today I'd like to respond to the 'Bargaining Update and Q&A' sent out by the management team last week. Much of the information in that Q&A was misleading and some of it was blatantly false. When I first read it, my response was to make a corrected version using red comic sans:

Hello fellow scientists!

Bargaining for the first contract for OHSU graduate researchers kicked off with its first official session on March 15th. You probably have a general sense of what collective bargaining is, but what does an official contract bargaining session actually look like?


There are two parts to a bargaining session: table discussions and caucuses.

Hello fellow scientists,

On December 28, 2018 the Graduate Researchers United union of graduate employees was recognized by OHSU management. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that this happened so soon after our social media day of action. On Friday, your bargaining team will sit down for the first time with OHSU management to start putting together the very first employment contract for graduate employees.